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What can I possibly use a puppet for?

If you are doing any business on line, then marketing is on your radar.   One of the first challenges in marketing is GETTING your prospect’s attention.   This is where we shine.  There are multitudes of banners, click bait articles, classified ads, and YouTube videos.  But Vidtars of a puppet narrator selling, informing or teaching is not a common sight.  For your Web site,  WebTars in the right hand corner of your screen, can also be used to host an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) driven chat box if you prefer.  

Generally speaking, our technology automates the delivery of information, and in the case of WebTars, can be used to GET information (such as their email address) as well.  Avatars replace the need for expensive actors and a video crew.  

Can I host my WebTar on my own web site?

No.  WebTars are hosted on a central CDN network for fast delivery.  Also the scripting required to host a chat box (real time, OR A.I.) is present at it’s root.   But no worries, I have made sure that our hosting fee is cheap.  So cheap in fact, that it makes it easy to host more than one for whatever your project.

Can I host my VidTar video on my own web site?

Absolutely.   Any video you purchase belongs to you.  You are given a master copy to do what you wish with.   If you don’t have a web site yet, we suggest using YouTube.   In fact, using YouTube even WITH your own site has many benefits.   Your video might also be listed with US (we like to show off) if you give us permission to do so.

What if I want to change what my WebTar says?

Since WebTars are hosting on a central CDN (cloud) we can change your WebTar (both narrative AND character) any time you wish, for a $10  update fee (including our voice synthesis).  Redoing live talent narrations, however, will cost the fee of the narrative.

For 30 and 60 second spots, how do I know how many words I need?

The average (English) spoken language uses 150 words per minute.   But as long as you’re close, we can make the timing adjustments in post, should you require exactly 30 or 60 seconds.

Can I provide my own audio for narration?

Absolutely, but the file must follow specific quality considerations for it to work properly.   Speech must be the right volume.  AND it must not be boosted afterwards, as you also boost the noise that way.  Try to enunciate your spoken word, as you would if you were using voice to text with your smart phone.   If our system can not distinguish your voice and your words, the accuracy of the animation will be negatively affected.

Are there any contracts or minimum requirements for your WebTars?

Absolutely NOT.  As such you can if you wish, use our WebTars for events, limited time sales, and even A/B test marketing.

Can I use my own video in place of a WebTar?

Yes!  In fact, it’s offered at no additional cost.  If you would like to stand in front of a green screen (or any solid color not found on you or your clothing), I can turn your video into an avatar, just like any puppet avatar.   

What is A.I. and how can it help me with my communications?

A.I. Stands for “Artificial Intelligence” which is a way to create textual automation.   What this means is that you can have your traffic enter questions, and your bot, by keywords, will respond appropriately.  Your bot can OFFER information and then supply it after a positive response.   And you get full access to the transcripts of each conversation, via an on-line interface, where you can download your information as a CSV file.    We are also considering Zapier connectivity if we get requests for that.

How do your video services work?

We use one of our spokespersons (VidTars) against the background of your choice (motion or still) and use text overlay at appropriate points in your presentation.  This is set to a background music track.  We can use any of our synthesized voices, or one of our voice actors.  You can even submit your own narration voice file.   

With virual talent, you can let your imagination run wild.   We are without boundaries, other than the common sense ones.  Keep it legal 😉

Who chooses the music tracks for your videos?

Music is a touchy area where copyrights and usage is concerned.   We therefore have an extensive and legal music library from which to create from.   If you have a particular Genre of music you wish used, let us know and we’ll provide a close of match as we can for you.  You can also, of course, opt to have NO music track if you require.

Can you create custom avatars?

No, not yet.   We have future plans of offering such a service, but we’re not there yet.

Why don't the lips sync up perfectly?

This is a brand new service which is completely  audio driven, and it’s not perfect, we know this.  But all we can do is wait for the technology to mature.  Meanwhile, cartoons on TV are not perfect either.  Nor is the ventriloquist on AGT.   AND… it’s really not the point of the service anyway.   Marketing and communication is.


Are there any hidden upsells that we can't refuse?

Absolutely NOT.   What you see is what you get.  I do business the old fashion way.  I don’t even automate our client accounts.  Each one is a custom job and manually configured for your needs.   RCMedia (the freelance behind the curtain) has been offering business support services for more than 40 years.   And we believe in offering a “no surprises” presentation.


Are there any restrictions on how we use our video?

Absolutely NOT.   What you purchase belongs to you fully.   In fact, I encourage clients to try to turn a buck with anything I offer.  Perhaps you need one our VidTars put on a green screen so you can use it in the production of something commercial.   Not a problem, as we’ll deliver everything to your spec, including a green screen backdrop should you need it.

Do you offer video productions other than with puppets?

Absolutely!  Check out our RCMedia Services site for information.  If you have questions about a project you’re considering.  Drop me a note.  I might be able to save you money and wasted effort.

Have Questions?

This project is backed by a 40+ year veteran of visual arts.  If you have a complex project in mind and need some assistance figuring it out, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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