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AI (Artificial Intelligence) Worksheet.

You do not have to fill this out and return it (print and scan) or anything. You can send us the following things in a simple email or txt/rtf file if that is easier for you. The AI based interface works as a real time, keyword/phrase and response system. It can also ask questions with two possible answers and will branch the flow of instructions, down the path of the selected option. For example, if you want their email address, you can ask them “would you like to join our email list to keep current with our offers?” and if yes, thank them and ask them to enter it now. If no, then you may wish to sweeten the deal by offering them a coupon code or some other incentive.

And so, the first step in setting up an AI for you, is determining what you are trying to accomplish in doing so? Your WebTar should speak the incentive text (think of the spoken narration as your headline, if this were an article) and then the chat should be programmed to accomplish whatever your objective is. Examples are getting email addresses for an elist, or phone numbers for follow up leads. You can even put your staff’s contact information by both, name and title in your AI setup so that you can point traffic to the right party. Many uses can be had with an AI chat.

And so:

  • In one sentence, tell me what you hope your WebTar can achieve?

  • Give me up to 25 questions, with answers that tell people about your services or products.

  • You can give me a fast rundown of what exactly your site sells.

With those details, we can build you a functional AI chat system.

When you are done, or simply have some questions, send them to RCMedia(dot)Services(at)gmail(dot)com

And thank you for your interest.

Have Questions?

This project is backed by a 40+ year veteran of visual arts.  If you have a complex project in mind and need some assistance figuring it out, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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