Puppet Messengers

Match any of our 100 Avatars, to any of our dozens of voices

WebTars create an interactive experience

VidTars package your message for Social Media


Dozens of Synthesized voices 

Our voice synthesis is cutting edge.  The best in the crowd. And for those who require that robotic sound, we offer some of those too!

Many Languages

We have access to voice synthesis that feature other languages.  These voices offer the proper pronunciation for their given language.  

Real Human Voice Option

Our puppet talents can be driven by your voice narration, or by some of our human talent.  We offer the finest in the business.  

Mix and Match Puppet Avatars

Your production will be created by choosing one of our avatar puppets, and then matching that to the voice of your choice, either synthesized or one belonging to one of our voice actors.   As such when you submit your order, we will require your avatar and voice selections, along with your text file featuring your narrative.

Have Questions?

This project is backed by a 40+ year veteran of visual arts.  If you have a complex project in mind and need some assistance figuring it out, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Puppet Avatars

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As you watch our examples, let your imagination run wild.